Rental Information

Rental Information

Our Site

With just under 200 acres and a large waterfront, the Glen Mhor site is a perfect location for a retreat away from home. Our buildings and site layout provide fantastic accommodations to visitors of any age, with a 5-minute walk to get to most places on site. The main lodge provides the perfect indoor area, housing 17 wooden tables with benches, a large stone fireplace, a piano, and a projector and sound system. The  site capacity is 140 participants for a day group, or 124 participants overnight.

Cabin in the woodsSleeping Accommodations

While at camp, participants will sleep in one of the 12 on-site cabins. Cabins can sleep 10-12 people comfortably on bunk beds, with shelves for storage.  All cabins are within a three-minute walk to the lodge complex (dining hall and washrooms) and are a short walk to the waterfront and other areas on site as well.

Washroom Facilities

The main washroom complex, including shower facilities, is located in the main lodge building. There are also KYBOs (outhouses) provided in closer proximity to all cabins.

Food Services & Meals

Cairn provides excellent, nutritious meals, should your group request our catering services. The food package includes three meals per day and an evening snack. All our meals are home cooked by our food service staff, and are served in our dining hall. A menu will be provided from which you can select the meals that would best suit your group. All efforts will be made to meet the needs of any special diets, given sufficient notice. Our camps are “nut and peanut aware,” so the food prepared in our kitchen is nut and peanut free. We encourage all our guests to adhere to this policy and not to bring “may contain nuts” products with them to camp.

Main LodgeHealth Centre & First Aid

We have a fully equipped Health Centre located directly beside our main lodge, available for all first aid needs. Additionally, all programme areas have access to fully stocked first aid kits, and each staff member carries a first aid kit with them at all times. A local doctor, Dr. John Rea, and the Huntsville Hospital (approximately a 25 minute drive) are on call and available in case of a more serious incident or injury.

Program Areas

The Glen Mhor site is fortunate to be situated on the lakefront, providing us with distinctive waterfront areas for swimming, canoeing, kayaking, and our water trampoline. Land programs include an archery range, low ropes course, 32‘ climbing wall, bouldering wall, zip line, five-element high ropes course, equipment for group and individual initiatives, throwing blanket, disc golf course, sports equipment, outdoor nature programs, arts and crafts, an extensive costume closet, music and drama room, beach volleyball court, and a trampoline. Other spaces include our outdoor chapel, a hammock village with 12 hammocks, campfire circles, playing fields, and many acres of wilderness. Programming is available upon request.

Costs and Fees

Age Category Base Price Programming Included
Adults & Children age 6 and up $50/day +HST $70/day +HST
Children age 5 and under FREE (with accompanying adult) FREE (with accompanying adult)

 This pricing includes:

  • full site access: lodge, washrooms, cabins, playing fields, secondary meeting spaces
  • catering: breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack (a menu will be available from which to choose your meals)
  • programming upon request (for an additional cost of $20 per person per day): up to 2 hours of camp activities per day, from a selection of high ropes, zip line, climbing wall, low ropes, leadership development and community building, throwing blanket, lifeguarding, swimming, canoeing, kayaking, disc golf, archery, outdoor living skills, nature discovery, dance, arts & crafts, fine art, drama, guitar, and ukulele

To confirm bookings, a $500, non-refundable Administration Fee must be submitted, payable to Cairn. This deposit must be received within a week of the booking being made in order to guarantee the chosen dates. If you cancel your reservation, your deposit will not be refunded. Complete payment is due upon arrival at Cairn.

Aerial LeapInsurance

All rental groups must have appropriate insurance coverage. If your group does not have a sponsoring organization and therefore no pre-arranged insurance coverage, you may be covered under Cairn’s Insurance Policy for an additional cost of $100.

Rental Information