Summer Camp

Summer Camp

An Overview of Cairn's Camp Programs

All of Cairn's camp programs are designed for campers to experience God's love in an inclusive faith community, while creating opportunities to foster growth and create connections throughout their time at camp. Here is some more information about each of Cairn's Camp Programs:

Glen Mhor Program: A unit-based program, campers participate in camp activities with their cabin group, comprised of up to 8 campers and 2 counsellors. Campers participate in a variety of waterfront, adventure, arts, and nature activities, as well as special themed events based on the theme of the week's session.

Iona Tripping Program: A wilderness canoe tripping program for campers with all levels of experience, facilitated by a Head Tripper and Trip Counsellor. Campers learn a variety of tripping skills, including canoeing, portaging, cooking over a fire, and setting up a campsite, all while participating in creative and imaginative play, immersed in the natural surroundings of Ontario's backcountry.

Integration Program: An opportunity for campers living with disabilities to experience the joy and community of summer camp. Participants are partnered with a 1:1 support counsellor who promotes inclusion within their cabin, and provides for any additional needs the camper may have. Please note that there is a 1:1 support fee ($325/week) as well as the program fee indicated in the schedule below. For all first-time integration participants, an intake call with the Camp Director is required prior to confirming their registration.

  • Age 5-16: Kids and teens attend a Glen Mhor camp program where the integration program is offered (indicated in the schedule below). Just like all the other kids, campers will sleep in a cabin and attend activities with the rest of their cabin-mates, with support from their 1:1 counsellor.
  • Age 17+: Cairn's Adult Integration program is a program for adults to participate in outdoor recreation while gaining workplace experience by supporting a variety of elements of Cairn’s program.

Leader in Training Program: A four-week leadership program for 16-17 year olds, designed to create intentional, empathetic leaders. LITs learn how to serve those they lead, refining skills they already possess while identifying and enhancing new areas of growth. Participants come away with both knowledge and experience of how to be both an effective camp staff member and leader in their community at home. 

Come live the extraordinary with us this summer! Check out the 2024 summer camp schedule here!

Summer Camp