Meet the 2017 Cairn Staff

Meet the 2017 Cairn Staff

The Cairn 2017 Staff Team is comprised of 57 individuals who are coming together to work together in various different ways to create the extraordinary world for our campers. While all positions are different, everyone is contributing to making sure that every week is as incredible as the last! They will be working under the guidance and leadership of Mapes, our Camp Director, and Minky, our Director of Operations. 

They will be working hard this summer to providing an extraordinary camping experience for campers, while upholding our mission:

To share God’s love through Christian camping and to ensure that its family of camps, and their leaders, provide supportive ministry and transformative programming. We believe in the extraordinary.

Meet The Directors

Meet The Leadership Team

Meet The Programming Team!

Meet The Wilderness Squad!

The Counselling Staff will be announced soon!! 

Meet the 2017 Cairn Staff