Wednesday Blog Post - Girls Week and Adventure Camp

Posted On: Wednesday, August 9, 2017

What's happening this week


We are having a blast here at Glen Mhor and Iona and want to share some of our excitment with you folks at home. Over at Glen Mhor, Girls Week is just kicking off. We spent Tuesday working through initiative games with our cabin groups, we learned how to work together as cabin teams and ecourage each other through tough challenges. This week in theme, a group of heroes has been working to restore the ancient civilization of Glen Mhora and the campers have been working with them to gather information and try to stop the evil forces working against them. 

Over at Iona we are just starting Adventure Camp! We've got a bunch of radical folks who are game for anything! We've been fishing, flying down the zipline, had chickens on our heads, and we've gone on all sorts of other wild adventures. We are going to spend a couple days heading down the Muskoka River as well as spending some time at the Glen Mhor adventure elements! With canoes to dump, team challenges to overcome, fires to build, games to play, and sheanigans to get up to: We are going to have a pretty wild two weeks.

Stay tuned for our Friday post!

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