Wednesday Blog Post - Build It!

Posted On: Tuesday, July 25, 2017

What we've been up to so far!


The week has been off to a great start and we are super excited to share! At Glen Mhor it is Build It! camp, a unique camp experience were the campers get to learn how to use tools to work on individual and group projects. On monday we started the week with some cabin initiatives to start building our teamwork and collaboration skills. We met the theme characters, the CEO of Build It! incorporated, his workers and their rival company Buildacorp. Tuesday we got started on our construction skills. We spent the morning learning how to use tools such as saws, hammers and drills as well as lashing skills with rope. We then got started on planning our individual projects that we'll be working on for a portion of the morning each day. In the afternoon we spent time participating in some traditional camp programming like zip line and waterfront activities. Today was our first Build Challenge! Each cabin group was given a similar pile of supplies and were challenged to design and build a bridge to walk across. Each cabin was successful and each decorated their bridges in their own way! 

Stay tuned for our Friday Blog Post to find out what happens over the rest of the week!


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