Friday Blog Post - The Quest and Go wild

Posted On: Friday, July 14, 2017

This week at Glen Mhor and Iona!

Hello folks at home!

We have had such a blast over here at Glen Mhor and Iona. The week went by so fast, and we are so glad to have had the oppurtunity to spend time with all of The Quest and Go Wild campers. Here is a little bit of what went on this week!

Over at Glen Mhor we had some pretty epic adventures. We started off our week by meeting our theme characters who guided us on our quest. Every night there was a new challenge, from chasing bad guys to helping out our heros! We made all over site throughout week! On thursday we had free afternoon where the campers got to travel around site with their friends to try out different activities. We had everything set up from the adventure elements like rock wall and high ropes to our waterfront doing some canoeing, kayaking and some good old swimming! The campers got to try out new activities that they hadn't seen and replay some of their favourites from the week. Our explorer sessions rapped up today and the campers are sure to have many stories to tell from their group's individual adventures! 

At Iona we have truly lived up to the Go Wild title! We had lots of fun doing initiatives, high and low ropes, canoeing, scavenger hunting, and playing chuck the chicken earlier on in the week. Then we piled into canoes and flew down the Muskoka River! We had a floating lunch after the Two Foot Falls portage and then we made it to Cook's Falls, where we met up with the Intro to White Water crew. We spent the afternoon swimming, hanging out, and ended our evening together singing by the campfire. After paddling up river and a portage we headed back to Iona. Thursday night we had an amazing Pajamajamjam, we played cards, board games, and hung out together in the Dainy Ray, it was a blast! Friday we had our Amazing Race! The campers were divided into two teams and they completed different challenges thoughout the site, ending with tipping staff out of their canoe!

All in all it was a great week at both sites! We can't wait to do it again next year! See you all tomorrow. 

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