Welcome Home JuLITs

Posted On: Sunday, July 9, 2017

A note from the 2017 July LITs after their week long canoe trip:

We the July LITs (JuLITS), spent the last week canoeing though the Moon River, making new friends and creating memories to last a lifetime.

Day one consisted of a 45 minute car ride to Bala, where we were dropped off. We then paddled to our first set of rapids: Jackknife Rapids. During our time on the water we took a couple unintentional dips (give or take 10) and then we ended off the long day with our first fire of the trip.

The second day we paddled to Curtain Falls. Upon our journey we came across two stranded gentlemen who had lost their motor going down a rapid a couple days before. Chevron and Are were able to drag them out of the water to safety. The water was so high that the Seven Sisters Rapids were actually just four rapids, we didn’t realize until we had already paddled past the first three and ended up at the campsite that we were staying at for the night.

Curtain Falls to Moon Falls was our day three paddle, we spent the day thinking of camp names, finding “loot”, swimming around and around and around the eddies after a long portage. Our site for the next two nights was breathtaking. We came together and sang songs at the top of our lungs to end the evening.

After three days of strenuous (but fun) paddling, we had a rest day. We swam up and down the rapids, climbed on top of a huge rock that allowed up to see so far in every direction, and a much needed nap.

We woke up on Friday to paddle to our pick up point. After a fun ride back to camp, we were warmly welcomed by everyone at camp. People were itching to hear about our times of the river, and we were excited to tell them about it!

As we wrap up the week, sitting in M’n’D, reflecting on the great times we had, we are eager to see what the next three weeks will bring to our group.

Lots of love, 
- JuLITs

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