My year is divided into two seasons; camp and visiting camp people.

Posted On: Wednesday, May 10, 2017

A note from Swaylo, Lira, Zula, and Prio

"My year is divided into two seasons; camp and visiting camp people." 

Singing before meal times, dressing up in silly costumes, and that feeling when you've finally made it to the top of the rock wall. When people think of camp, these moments are some of the first to come to mind. But what makes camp absolutely extraordinary for us is the friendships we make. The friendships you make at camp are unlike any other. Camp friends love you at your best and support you at your worst, and the comfort that comes from that unconditional love is what makes our friendships so strong. There's nothing like meeting someone who is just as invested in all things camp. Who else could match your excitement when you've bought those brand new Tevas for the summer?! For camp friends, no matter how much time has passed since you've last been together, it's like nothing has changed. Distance is just a number, and those long car rides feel so worth it when you give your camp friend that first hug after a long time apart. 

Be kind, be brave, have courage, explore and live the extraordinary. These are all things that camp friends help each other achieve. Whether it's a text, a call, or a two-hour drive (or even more) they are always there to encourage and help each other grow. We are all so grateful for the friendships we have formed at camp and for the impact they continue to have on us. They make living the extraordinary outside of camp a possibility. We will always be forever grateful for our camp friends. 

Much love, 

Swaylo, Lira, Prio and Zula ?

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