Cairn Connects

Cairn Connects

After eight incredible weeks of Cairn Connects programs, we have concluded our Spring Season of Cairn Connects, and will be taking a brief pause from virtual camp programs for now. This will allow us the time to reflect and plan for how to continue building connection and community when we return in early June.

If you miss Cairn Connects programs, you can see all of the videos for Mhorning Has Broken, Songbook Series, Stretching with Rizma, and Story Time read-alouds in Facebook playlists here. That way you can replay favourite moments, or watch any that you may have missed when they were live.

To everyone who sang, laughed, performed, read, journalled, danced, trivia-ed, socialized, science-ed, game-show-ed, facilitated, and shared in time together these past eight weeks: Thank you. Thank you for helping to create this space full of community and love. Thank you for showing that the feeling of camp is not confined to Baysville, but that it can exist wherever we gather together.

We'll see you soon.

Thanks for the spring, friends.

This program is supported in part by bequests to The Presbyterian Church in Canada, and by donors from within our camp community. You can support our Cairn Connects program by donating here.

Sample Weekly Schedule

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Facebook or Instagram: or @cairncamps

Zoom:, password: connect

May 11-15 Cairn Connects Schedule

7:45am - Mhorning Has Broken (Facebook Live and Instagram Live)

We love starting our day together in community, just like we do every day at camp. Join Mapes for 15 minutes every weekday morning on Facebook Live or Instagram Live to begin your morning with a thought, idea or intention for the day.

11:00am Monday, Wednesday and Friday - Story Time (Facebook)

Tune in on Facebook to enjoy a story read by a Cairn staff or alumni. Maybe you'll come away with a new favourite book! 

11:00am Tuesday and Thursday - Kid's Corner (Zoom meeting ID: 705-767-3300 and password: connect)

Kid's Corner is a time for our campers to enjoy some camper-exclusive fun. This week features a Camp Song Singalong on Tuesday, and Random Acts of Kindness on Thursday. See you there, kids! 

1:00pm - Social Lunch: afternoon drop-in (Zoom meeting ID: 705-767-3300 and password: connect)

Each day at 1pm there is a different drop-in activity hosted by a Cairn staff member or alumni! Come out with your lunch, with a friend, or on your own for a time of campy fun, spending time in community together.

2:00pm - Week-Long Program: Cairn Game Show Extravaganza with Jekko and Sora (registration required)

We are pleased to announce that Cairn Connects is now offering Week-Long Programs! Different than the drop-in-style activities that have been offered so far, Week-Long Programs offer the opportunity for kids to build community with the same group of campers, facilitated by our excellent Cairn staff, every day for a WHOLE WEEK. Registration is open from Thursday to Sunday for each week-long program. Next week, May 11-15, Jekko and Sora will be changing hats to be game show hosts for their very own Cairn Game Show Extravaganza! Looking forward to that perfect mix of creativity, friendly competition, and a whole lot of campy fun! 

After you register, you will receive an email from our Camp Director Mapes, with the Zoom link and password, and some other information including an outline of each day's program. Looking forward to building connection, exploring, and creating together! 

4:00pm on Friday: Songbook Series (Facebook Live and Instagram Live)

We all know how important music is within our camp culture. Iscus will be leading us for All-Request Fridays in the Songbook Series Singalong. Tune in and let your mind and heart be taken back to summer at camp.

7:00pm Evening Program

Tuesday & Thursday: Teen Time Zoom meeting ID: 705-767-3300 and password: connect
Wednesday: Restorative Stretching on Facebook Live

Back again this week, we will be offering Evening Programs on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. On Tuesday and Thursday, if you are between the ages of 13 and 19, you are invited to join Fauna and Kinniq on Zoom for Teen Time to provide the chance to come together and spend time with other camp teens. On Wednesday, Rizma will be back on Facebook Live with a Restorative Stretching practice for people of all ages to unwind at the end the end of the day.

7:00pm on Friday: Glen Mhor Presents

To celebrate eight incredible weeks of Cairn Connects programs (that's the same number of weeks as our summer camp program!) we are going to finish off this week with Glen Mhor Presents, our camp-favourite variety show! If you have a talent, a skit, a song, or a performance of any kind, individually or as a household, that you'd like to show off to your camp family, sign up to show off your act this Friday evening. And if you'd just like to tune in for the performance, of course you are invited to do so! Tune in via Zoom with the Meeting ID 705-767-3300 and the password "connect" to be part of the fun. If you have an act that you'd like to perform, please click here to access the sign-up form. Looking forward to an evening of community, encouragement and sharing talents!

8:00pm Vespers (Facebook and Instagram Live)

At camp, one of our favourite traditions and symbols of our community is that we begin and end every day together - we start with Mhorning Has Broken, and end with campfire and vespers. To help capture that sense of togetherness, we invite you to join a 15-minute closing to the day. Tune in on Facebook Live or Instagram Live for some community time together at the end of the day. Thanks for the evening, friends!


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NOTE: Because of the increased use of Zoom and concerns about privacy, Zoom has required that all calls must have users enter a password. For all of our Zoom calls, we'll continue with the meeting ID being camp's phone number 705-767-3300 and the new meeting room password will be "connect".

Looking forward to joining you for a virtual camp experience! Thanks for the evening, friends!

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