Bring Camp to School

Bring Camp to School

trustWe recognize that it can be difficult to coordinate the time, funding, paperwork, and permissions involved in an overnight class or school trip early on in the school year, which is why we have developed a way to Bring Camp to Schools across Ontario. This still allows students to benefit from the activities and leadership lessons taught by camp activities, facilitated by our experienced camp staff.

What the school/participants provide:

  • All participants must come with running shoes, food for the day (including lunch, snacks and a water bottle - just like every school day), and must be prepared to be outside for the day.
  • A park or outdoor area suited for the number of participants present, allowing them space to be moving and active
  • Teacher/staff supervision as per their usual classroom ratio
  • Permissions from guardians for students to participate in the day’s activities

a frameWhat Cairn will provide:

  • Staffing, to a ratio of 1:15 staff to participants
  • Food and water for our staff
  • 6 hours of programming per day, over the course of one or two days
  • All program supplies
  • Consultation with the coordinating teachers to ensure that the program fits the needs of the group
  • The program schedule for the day, provided to the coordinating teachers one week prior to our visit
Bring Camp to School