Virtual Programs FAQs

Virtual Programs FAQs

We get it. There's a lot of new this summer, even with camp. To help answer some of the most regular questions we've been asked about Cairn's virtual summer programs, we have assembled this FAQ page for you to look through. Please don't hesitate to contact us with your questions by emailing Robynne "Mapes" Howard, our Camp Director, at

Check out the FAQs for campers already registered.

For more information about Cairn's Virtual Summer Programs, please click here.

FAQs about Virtual Programs

Do I need to register in advance for virtual programs?
Yes please. We ask that registration represents a commitment to attend all sessions (with reasonable exceptions) so that we can foster a sense of community in the groups, and so our staff can plan accordingly. You can complete registration online at

Will there be supplies that I will need to purchase for these activities?
Baking, cooking, and art-based programs will likely need some additional supplies outside of what you already have at home. Supplies lists will be sent out to you in the week before the program begins so you have enough time to look through your cupboards and add a couple of items to your weekly shopping list.

Will campers be able to be with their friends?
Yes, all campers will participate in program activities together, so if they sign up for the same activities they will be in the same group. Additionally, there is an option when registering to request cabin-mates, so we can arrange for them to be in the same cabin group too.

How much time each day will my camper be involved in the Camp, Camp Wherever You May Be program?
The Basic Program and the Plus Program allow for some flexibility in how much time you/your camper would like to be involved in camp programs. The Basic Program includes 2 hours of in-person programming via Zoom each day from Monday to Friday, including Cabin Time, one program activity and Campfire. The Plus Program includes 3 hours of in-person programming each day, including all elements of the Basic Program plus an additional hour-long activity each day and a Rest Hour package of activities to complete independently throughout the week.

 What is the difference between the July and August LEAP Leadership Program?
July's LEAP program will focus on the theme Awareness in Action, and August's theme will be Find Your Purpose. LEAP participants can choose to attend one or both months' programs, exploring different avenues, methods and theories of leadership according to the month's theme. Both months’ programs will be three weeks long, with teens meeting on Zoom with the LEAP Coordinators for 2 hours each Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evening.

Are there any costs for Cairn’s virtual summer programs?
Each program – Pee Wee; Camp, Camp Wherever You May Be; and the LEAP Leadership Program – has an associated registration fee: $40 for Pee Wee, $70 for the Basic Program and $85 for the Plus Program for Camp, Camp Wherever You May Be, and $150 for the LEAP Leadership Program, plus HST.
We know that there are financial stressors at play as well, especially with the impact of COVID-19, and so we have made our Campership Program even more flexible for this summer. Every child should have the opportunity to have the engaging, nurturing and connection-filled experience of camp. We will make that happen this summer. You can contact Bridget at for more information.

Who will lead the programs, and what training do they have?
A group of nine Cairn staff members will be leading cabin times and programs this summer. They all have extensive experience working with children and youth, and have served as camp staff previously at Cairn. Staff have attended Cairn’s Leadership Training program, this year tailored specifically to serving campers through Zoom and other online platforms. Many staff have additional certifications and training in program delivery and working with children and youth.

My child was not previously registered for camp for this summer, can they still join Cairn’s new virtual programs?
Of course! We would love for siblings, friends, and future Cairn campers of all ages to join us for any of the virtual programs.

This is all new, and it would be helpful for me to talk with someone directly so I can make sure I understand everything. Who can I email or call?
We totally get it. Please feel invited to contact Robynne “Mapes” Howard, our Camp Director, by email at or by phone at 705-783-2853.

Are you planning any in-person events for this summer?
At this time, we do not have any scheduled in-person events for the summer. When we are permitted and feel we can do so safely, we will look to find ways to gather our community together. We will keep you posted, and can’t wait to celebrate being together in person again!

What are my options for fees that I’ve already paid?
We recognize that this pandemic is financially affecting people in different ways. As such, we have several different options for families that have already paid some or all of their fees:

  • If you are able, we ask you to consider donating a portion of your deposit or paid camp fees to support Cairn's continued operation and advancement of our mission to share God's love, create connections and foster growth through supportive ministry and transformative summer camp programs.
  • Request a full refund, which would include the deposit.
  • Apply any payment already made for the 2020 season as a credit towards camp sessions next year (2021) or split evenly over the next two years (2021 and 2022)

Please contact Bridget, our administrator, at, or by phone at 705-767-3300 to discuss how you would like your registration fee allocated.

FAQs for Campers Already Registered

What if my child will miss a program?
Of course, we recognize you may have other commitments or incidents that will affect your child’s ability to participate in programs. They are still welcome to participate in the rest of the week’s programs, although it would be helpful for our staff to know so they can plan accordingly. Please contact Corey “Kinniq” Gargano, our Assistant Director, as soon in advance as possible to let him know of your child’s absence, by emailing

What should I do to prepare in advance for my session?
To maximize our live camp times together, signing on to Zoom five to ten minutes before your camper’s program starts can help be sure your camper is prepared and familiarized with the technology. Use this time to check that your video, microphone and speakers are working, that your camper knows where to find the “chat” feature, and that they are settled in a place that will be best for their program.

Who should I contact if I have a technical issue?
If you are having difficulties accessing Zoom, or are missing information about your program, please contact Corey “Kinniq” Gargano, our Assistant Director, by emailing Additionally, you can send a direct message to Cairn’s Facebook or Instagram page, which we will be checking regularly throughout the day.

Please click here for more information about Cairn's Virtual Summer Programs.
Look forward to connecting with you this summer!


Virtual Programs FAQs