Meet Our 2017 Wilderness Squad

Meet Our 2017 Wilderness Squad

Iona Program Co-Ordinator

Taylor "Ambee" Rice 

Ambee is currently living in Ottawa studying at the University of Ottawa, but she grew up mostly in Mississauga. Over the summer she works alongside Arae to create rad themes for the weekly Iona programs. A big part of her job is finding ways to make the outrageous and hilarous ideas that campers come up with come to life! Ambee's favourite time of day is the hour or so before dinner when we have free swim and fire prep for dinner. She loves to hang out and chat and she loves to make and eat tinfoil dinners. As a camper Ambee mostly went on flatwater trips. This summer she will also be working with Xorakk to run the Cairn social media so that all of you are always up to date on what is going on around here! 


What are you excited for this summer? "I'm excited to watch Iona grow and develop this summer with a new Junior camp session. I'm excited to watch some long time Iona campers experience the LIT program. I'm excited for turkeys and hanging out on the Muskoka, and to watch all the cool ideas that our camper's come up with come to life!"

Listen to Ambee's Top 5 Favourite Songs here! 

Wilderness Program Director

Ian "Arae" Paton 

Arae is the head and the heart of the WIlderness Squad, he keeps them on track and keeps things interesting. He has lived a little bit of everywhere, but is currently living in the booming metropolis of Dwight. In the off season he is a teacher for the TLDSB. This summer will be his ninth as a staff member and his seventeenth as a part of the Cairn community. He loves to eat anything that has been cooked over a fire, and luckily he will be splitting his time between Iona and heading out on trip, where he gets to do that a lot. He enjoys doing anything that is playful, but he particularly enjoys canoeing, outdoor living skills, and playing in the woods.



What are you excited for this summer? "I'm excited to work with THE best wilderness team camp has ever seen. I'm excited to grow, hopefully foster some growth, and play!"

Listen to Arae's Top 5 Favourite Songs here!

Wilderness Programmers

Gyro and Bond are going to be spending most of their summer in canoes! They are both a part of our Wilderness Squad this summer and when they aren't running canoe trips all over Ontario, they will be hanging out and programming at Iona.

Brian "Gyro" Anderson

Gyro is from Hamilton and will be attending McMaster in September. This is his third year on staff, but he is a long time family camp camper and has been coming to Cairn for sixteen years! His favourite camp meal is Hudson's Bay Bread, a trip lunch staple. As a camper he attended Iona, including the very first Boys Week! Throughout the summer he will also be working with Fauna to teach the LITs Bronze Cross as a part of the LIT curriculum. One of his favourite camp activities is evening program, especially Plutonium Defenders.

What are you excited for this summer? "I am real excited to lead some amazing trips this summer. I'm excited to run the Mattawa River because we've never run it at camp before."

Listen to Gyro's Top 5 Favourite Songs here!

 Sara "Bond" Jameson

Bond is going into her twelfth year at camp and her third year on staff! She has been a trip counsellor for the past couple summers and is going to be running the trips this year! She is from Mississauga and she's currently commuting to George Brown. Bond loves to eat Meret's Chicken Ceaser Salad wraps when she is on site. She is incredibly excited to be spending her summer out on the water, because one of her favourite things to do at camp is paddle. 

What are you excited for this summer? "To give a safe and inclusive environment to camper to make friends and take risks and to make this summer the best summer yet!" 

Listen to Bond's Top 5 Favourite Songs here!


Meet Our 2017 Wilderness Squad