Meet our 2017 Leadership Team

Meet our 2017 Leadership Team

Assistant Director

Katie "Dolce" Sebestyen

Dolce is one of the minds that keeps camp running on time and on track. She creates the daily schedules for the cabins and the programming staff to make sure that all the campers have the opportunity to try all the cool things we have at camp! She has been coming to camp and has been on staff for thirteen years! She thinks that Meret's chicken pot pie is delicious and it's one of her favourite things to eat at camp. She is from Toronto and in the off season she teaches at Withrow Avenue Junior Public School, who she brings to the Glen Mhor Outdoor Centre every spring! Two of her favourite activities to do at camp are swimming and singing! 

What are you excited for this summer? "Withrow coming to camp during OE!" 


Head Counsellor

Caleb "Quorx" McCarroll-Butler

Quorx will be working with the counselling crew this summer to help them provide the best experince for the campers possible. He is a resource for them to liase between counselling and resource staff, as well as providing them with tools and resources to better their experiences. Quorx is from Toronto and spends his time at the University of Toronto Scarborogh campus. This summer will be his fifth year on staff and his twelfth year coming to camp.  He is an avid lover of tacos, especially when they are in salad form. He loves to sing and lead campfire, as well as climbing on our high ropes course.

What are you excited for this summer? "I am excited to build the community of camp and to hang with our fabulous campers and counsellors!"

Listen to Quorx's Top 5 Favourite Songs here!

Glen Mhor Program Co-Ordinator

Jamie "Xorakk" Dimock

Xorakk is another one of the minds that keeps camp on track and on schedule. He has been spending his time this spring coming up with some really exciting themes for all the different sessions this summer! His favourite camp meal is Meret's spaghetti. He goes to Carleton University in Ottawa, but he grew up in Guelph. He acts as the camp’s time-keeper and ensures that programming, meals and other camp activities happen on time so that everyone can experience a variety of activities at camp. Xorakk can always find an excuse for there to be an opportunity to build a fire. This summer will be his fifth year on staff. This summer he will also be working with Ambee to run the Cairn social media so that all of you are always up to date on what is going on around here! 

What are you excited for this summer? "I'm excited to create rad and exciting programs that will leave campers with lasting happy memories!!"

Listen to Xorakk's Top 5 Favourite Songs here! 

Integration Coordinator

Erika "Daia" Stouffer

This summer Daia is going to be working with our camp participants who require 1:1 support to make sure that they experience the magic and the extraordinary world of camp to the fullest. She is currently living in Guelph, attending the University of, but she is from Toronto. She has been coming to camp for thirteen years, and has been on staff for four of them.

She is one of our three staff members this year who went to Camp Iona at the Bala site before it became part of the Cairn Family. Her favourite meals involve anything that is pasta and she loves playing on the water mat at the Glen Mhor beach.

What are you excited for this summer? "I'm so excited for everything camp this summer! I'm especially excited for all of the opening days of each week. I love greeting the cars that pull up and seeing all of the excited faces looking out :) It is such a lovely way to start of each week!"

Listen to Daia's Top 5 Favourite Songs here!

LIT Directors

Kinniq and Chevron have been hard at work creating and developing the 2017 LIT program and theme! They will be spending their summer hanging out with with the leaders in training to help them grow in community and to learn leadership skills that will help them moving forwards in their camping careers and in their lives. 

Corey "Kinniq" Gargano

Kinniq is from Thornhill, ON, but is currently attending the University of Guelph. He has been attending camp for six years, and has been on staff for five of them. Kinniq has spent the spring as the Glen Mhor Outdoor Centre Director, running a secular program for school groups from all around Ontario. He has been working with a staff of 14 programmers to bring the magic and extraordinary world of camp to our groups. Kinniq loves to run and play sports at camp, especially kickball and pac man tag. However, he also loves to get up early to watch the sunrise over Echo Lake sometimes. His favourite meal at camp is Meret's delicious "Greek Meal"; greek style chicken with lemon potatoes, pitas, and greek salad. 


What are you excited for this summer? "To aid in the development of our future camp leaders and to help design a meaningful, intentional and engaging program!"

Listen to Kinniq's Top 5 Favourite Songs here! 

Sabina "Chevron" Midgen

Cheveron is also going into her fifth year on staff and her sixth year at camp in total. She is currently attending Queen's University in Kingston, but she grew up in Toronto. For breakfast, she loves the different and creative types of oatmeal that the kitchen staff make.  Chevron loves running zipline session from the top of the pole, canoeing, and singing into spatulas. One of her favourite camp traditions is Embers.

What are you excited for this summer? "Leaving my mark, creating an impact, servanthood, building connections, fostering community and growth, and getting to help/watch others experience camp."

Listen to Chevron's Top 5 Favourite Songs here! 





Meet our 2017 Leadership Team