Why I Love Camp Counselling by Swaylo

Posted On: Saturday, October 21, 2017

Swaylo shares some of the memories that made her summer extraordinary.

Camp has been my home for over ten years. As a kid, I always looked up to my counsellors with admiration and awe because they pushed me to try new things and took the time to get to know me. Ever since my first time at Peewee camp in 2007, I knew that one day, I wanted be a counsellor. I hoped to change children’s lives the way mine was changed through the patience, love and kindness that the counsellors showed me. I can now say that I have lived the dream of counselling for the last two summers, and it has been one of the most inexplicably fulfilling experiences I could ever have hoped for. I have so many extraordinary memories thanks to the awesome tiny humans I’ve had the pleasure of working with. When looking back on these memories, I find myself unable to think of my “favourite” moment because every child teaches me something valuable. However, here are a few of extraordinary moments from this past summer:


1) Singing “Eye of the Tiger” every morning with one of my CYOB campers during first week.

2) AV Squad dance parties to Taylor Swift.

3) Decorating the cabin Christmas tree and singing Christmas Carols on “Christmas Eve”. 

4) Giant foam airplanes, building bridges and campfires with junior boys. 

5) During week 5 CYOB, writing positive messages while hanging out with the teen campers and then hanging them up around the church as a reminder for the younger campers. 

6) Jodi laughing as she went down the zipline, despite her original nervousness. 

7) Singing and choreographing “When I Grow Up” with the junior MADD campers.

8)  The amazing perspectives and ideas my teen week campers shared during campfires, devotions and meals.


I am so grateful for camp counselling and all the experiences and skills I have gained from it. I have learned more from the campers than I could ever have learned spending my summers elsewhere. This list is comprised of only a few of my happiest memories, but they paint a pretty accurate picture of my time as a camp counsellor. To those who have worked with me, been my LIT in cabin or my camper, I am grateful to all of you for teaching me and contributing to my counselling experience.


Much love,


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