Friday Blog Post - Colour Games and Freedom Camp

Posted On: Friday, July 21, 2017

What Happened this week!

Hello Camp Families!

We have had an amazing week here at the Cairn Family of Camps and would love to share with you! 

At Glen Mhor the Colour Games broke Monday night and went for two days of intense competition! During, the Red Dragons and the Blue Knights competed in a variety of events that were all challenging in their own different way. They were tested on their problem solving and logic, agility and athleticism, arts and performance and teamwork! Over the two days, the Blue Knights and the Red Dragons learned what it meant to work as a team, to be sportsmanlike, to support each other, encourage each another and admire the other team. In the end the Blue Knights were victorious in one one of the closest Coulour Games there has ever been! After Closing Ceremonies we finished off the week playing together, riding some ziplines, climbing the high ropes, swimming at the waterfront and running all over site!

Over at Iona we had a rad week doing the things the campers wanted to do! We shot arrows with glow sticks, painted a KYBO pink, made forts, captured some flags, tie dyed, and more! It really was a jam packed week! For trip we had a wonderful paddle down the Muskoka, stopping for the night at Two-Foot Falls. On Thursday we even had time to swim and play in the bottom of the rapids! We found a really great rock that was easy to jump off and into the current, it was awesome! We had an awesome pajamajamajam where we sang, played board games, and hung out in community, we all had a great night's rest and then started the day with a pillow fight! Thoughout the end of the week, we got up to some shenanigans, made lots of new friends, and accomplished a lot of really amazing stuff! 

All in all it was a great week at both sites! We can't wait to do it again next year! See you all tomorrow. 

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