Monday Blog Post - Colour Games and Freedom Camp

Posted On: Monday, July 17, 2017

Whats happening this week!

Hello all!

What it is shaping up to be here at Glen Mhor and Iona! 

At Glen Mhor we are super pumped to begin The Colour Games! The games broke early this year, after campfire tonight in the upper playing field the Colour Games song came on loud over the sound system to mark the beginning of the games. We gathered in the courtyard where the green giants welcomed us and told us of the history of the games. Afterwards, we all learned which colour teams we woud be on and met up with our captains at the headquarters! The red dragons and blue knights will be at it once more over the next two days!

Over at Iona we are excited to have a super full session! We are gearing up to have a super radical week and we are making all of the camper's ideas come true: painting KYBOs, glowing archery, a scavenger hunt! We are doing it all! We are super excited to spend another overnight on the Muskoka on Wednesday and to do lots of swimming in rapids, firebuilding, kicking of the cans, and more while we're out there. We are going to get messy, build some stuff, sail across the lake, and cause shenanigans all around! 

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