Friday Blog Post - Outrageous and The Brotherhood

Posted On: Friday, July 7, 2017

This Week at Glen Mhor and Iona

Hello Camp Families!

What a week it has been, both with the Outrageous campers at Glen Mhor, and the Brotherhood campers at Iona! 

At Glen Mhor this week we got up to some pretty rad shenanigans. We travelled through dimensions that brought us to a backwards world, a dimension that we got to create for ourselves, and a messy world to top it all off! Wednesday was backwards day, it started with a campfire and went all the way through to Mhorning Has Broken before bed. On Thursday we had free afternoon where campers could choose their own activities and take on their own adventures! Finally, Friday afternoon got really messy! We spent the afternoon playing with slime, soaking staff members, and riding the slip'n'slide! At our embers ceremony, the campers talked about all of the things that they learned this past week. They talked about growing together as a cabin, stepping out of their comfort zone and learning new skills. We hope to see everyone back for another Outrageous week next summer! 

Over at Iona we got up to a lot of crazy shenanigans as well! We met and chased the Guild Masters of the Brotherhood and we convinced them that we were worthy our their instruction and to join their ranks. We spent the week learning to lash and tie knots, light fires using matches and flint and steel, stern and carry boats, and take care of our garden and chickens. We had a wonderful trip on Wednesday! We stayed at Two Foot Falls and we had a great day swimming in rapids, playing kick he can, silent football, and singing songs. We were super excited to welcome all of the boys to at least one of the four guilds! It was a radical week, and we hope to see everyone next year for Boys Week next summer! 

Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow, have a safe drive up, and thanks for the week friends. 

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