Thanks for the evening, Bobcat

Posted On: Sunday, November 14, 2021

An exciting “staffing” change to tell you about on the Cairn Maintenance Crew.

Bobcat vehicle at camp

After almost 17 years of service, Cairn’s all-purpose vehicle, affectionately known as “Bobcat” has made the difficult decision to “retire” from it’s position at the Cairn Family of Camps. Since the creation of the Iona Baysville site, the Bobcat has been an integral member of our team and It is an understatement to say that the Bobcat will be missed.

For many years, the Bobcat has been an integral part of making camp work. From everyday duties like taking garbage down the road to the dumpsters at the end of every camp day and bringing staff and tools to remote areas of the site in order to perform maintenance and aid in building projects as well as featuring in skits in the courtyard and “dressing up” to help foster the everyday magic of camp that we all love. 

It is hard to think of a utility vehicle that is as well-loved as our Bobcat, which has been immortalized at camp by being the background of the 2010(fact check year) year end plaque that has every single camper, volunteer, and staff member from that summers’ name inscribed for future generations to see hanging in the rafters of the lodge.

Even though Bobcat is off to retirement, have no fear, Bobcat has named its successor and the Cairn Family of Camps is delighted to welcome a new (to us) tractor to join us as we prepare to welcome back campers for the Spring and Summer of 2022.

Not only will our new tractor take on the duties that the Bobcat was faithfully performing, but it will also perform new tasks such as clearing snow and grading the road to keep it clear and accessible year-round. These road-maintenance services alone will be significant yearly cost-savings for Cairn which will allow us, long-term, to allocate more money to camp programs and site development.

This is where we need your help:

Starting today, we are kicking off the “Back On Trac(tor)” campaign with the target of raising $30,000 to put towards the purchase of the tractor.

Will you help Cairn get back on Trac(tor)? Click here to donate.

The Bobcat has been a part of our camper’s, staff and alumni’s camp journey for the past 17 years and we are inviting you to be a part of the next 17+ years of camp projects and memories.

And of course, the tractor is going to need a camp name - here’s your opportunity to be a part of that process.

Every multiple of $100 you donate gives you one vote towards the new tractor’s camp name*.

Donate $500? That’s five votes towards the camp name of the tractor.

Donate here

Be on the lookout over the coming weeks for the kickoff of the “Back on Trac(tor)” drive on Instagram, Facebook, and your email! 

Together, we can get camp back on Trac(tor)!

Yours in camp,

The Cairn Fundraising Committee

*Ps - The camp name for the tractor will go to the Directors for final approval - so don’t get any “tractor-mc-tractor-face” ideas! Donate here.





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