Leaders In Training

Leaders In Training

Impact. Growth. Purpose. Camaraderie. Cairn’s Leader in Training (LIT) program develops extraordinary leaders in today’s world.  

The LIT program is a four-week opportunity for 16-17 year olds to explore how they can use their skills to be a more effective leader at camp and in their everyday life. This experience provides an opportunity to unplug from the everyday, and reconnect with a community of people who are committed to learning and practicing leadership skills in camp's supportive, stimulating environment.

workingWeek 1
During the first week of your program, Leaders in Training (LITs) begin their leadership journey with a five-day, four-night canoe trip - and are taught everything they need to know by their LIT Directors and Trip Leader. This canoe trip provides experiential learning opportunities, and serves as an invaluable opportunity to build trust and camaraderie within their group while exploring the beauty of creation.

Week 2
Back on-site in Baysville after their canoe trip, LITs dive into a week of leadership learning and practice. LITs learn servant leadership, empathic listening, faith development, facilitation, and problem-solving through a variety of hands-on and theoretical means. Additionally, LITs have the opportunity to obtain their Bronze Cross or ORCKA canoeing qualifications through daily skills practice.

Week 3
In the third week of the program, LITs have the opportunity to put their leadership skills into practice as they are partnered with a cabin group and work with the cabin's counsellors to serve, support, and build relationships with a cabin of campers. LITs look back on this week "in-cabin" with pride, as they are truly immersed in an environment of learning, growth, and leadership development.

Week 4
The final week of the LIT program is an opportunity for LITs to consolidate their learning from Week 3 in-cabin, celebrate the successes of their month together, and begin to explore how to transfer their learning from this month to their communities at home.   

If you will be 16 or 17 by the end of the calendar year and have a desire to become a stronger, more effective leader, please submit your application to the LIT program and join a group of other compassionate, engaged, purpose-driven young leaders at Cairn this summer. 

Apply for Cairn's Leader In Training program here.

Leaders In Training