The Cairn Euchre Classic

The Cairn Euchre Classic

Fundraiser Euchre Tournament to support The Cairn Family of Camps

Tournament Details

Date: February 27th, 2021

Time: 2pm - 5pm EST

Location: Online - Using: 

Registration Details: 

Tournament Information: 

  • Scroll down for tournament format, rules and regulations
  • Trophy items for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place teams. Details coming soon

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Tournament Details

Tournament Format

  • The tournament will be hosted online
  • Find the online site here: 
  • The tournament will be a round-robin style with 4 games to collect points
    • Each game is a single round
    • Each win is worth one tournament point
  • At the end of 4 games, the two teams with the most tournament points will face off in a best of 3 game (first to two wins) final.
    • Ties will be broken by the team with the least amount of game points the opposing teams scored against them over the course of the round-robin.
    • A tie of game points will be determined by a coin flip

Trophy Distribution

  • The winning pair of the entire tournament will have their choice of the first trophy item
  • The runners up will choose the second trophy item
  • The third-place team will choose from the remaining trophy item after the first two are selected


All games will be played according to the rules listed at with the following additional rules & clarifications:

  1. Canadian Loner
    • If the partner of the dealer orders the dealer up (tells the dealer to “pick it up”) during the initial round of bidding that partner must go alone
  2. NO Stick the Dealer
    • If no trump is selected in the second round of bidding, the cards will be reshuffled and the deal will move to the next player
  3. Second Round Bidding Rules
    • In the second round of bidding, a player may not call trump of the suit of the card that was just turned down
    • In the second round of bidding, a player may not call trump for a suit that is not currently in their hand
      • Note: The “left” of the proposed Trump suit DOES count as a suit of the proposed trump suit
  4. No “Kitty/Draw Under” or “No Ace No Face No Face No Trump call”
    • You get the cards you get ;)


  • All participants are expected to play with a kind, respectful and fun spirit following the 4S’s
    • Safety - All players are entitled to a mentally, physically and emotionally safe experience
    • Servanthood - Players are expected to “serve” their fellow players and the spirit of the tournament through positivity, camaraderie and sportspersonship
    • Self-Esteem - Players will treat themselves and other players with kindness, avoiding “trash-talk” in all forms
    • Stewardship - Players recognize that this tournament is a fundraiser to support the ongoing mission of Cairn for years to come
  • Any instances of bullying, harassment, or poor sportspersonship will result in forfeit and removal from the tournament
  • Due to the online nature of the tournament, any issues resulting from internet connectivity issues, mis-clicking, or a lack of understanding of the software cannot be controlled. A “do-over” or “taking back a move” is not possible. All moves played will stand.
  • Any disputes of the rules or regulations that cannot be resolved in the game should be brought to the tournament organizing team immediate by calling 519-282-4076
    • C’mon, it’s a for fun tournament, folks, you can work it out :)

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The Cairn Euchre Classic