Meet the Cairn Virtual Programs Staff

Meet the Cairn Virtual Programs Staff

We are pleased to be able to introduce you to our Virtual Programs staff team for summer 2020! All of these people have previous experience working on staff at Cairn, and are thrilled to be creating and leading programs for campers again this summer. You can get to know them a little bit better, and know that they are looking forward to getting to know your campers better throughout the summer too!

Thomas "Evro" Dewar

he/him | Program Staff

Meet Evro! During the year when Evro is not at camp he is studying Music Performance at the University of Western. Evro also stays busy taking part in scouting and putting his musical talents to work with his church choir and band! In his spare time playing and recording music brings him joy. Evro’s favourite part of camp is singing in the lodge during campfire. He loves hearing the wonderful harmonies of Cairn’s staff and campers bouncing off the walls. Evro’s time at camp has taught him that moments of camp magic come from within and that if you put your mind to it you are capable of accomplishing anything! Full of exciting ways to share camp magic, Evro is looking forward to creating memorable camp moments through his roles as a Program Leader, Cabin Leader, and Theme Coordinator!


Emily "Fauna" Keaveney

she/her | LEAP Coordinator

Meet Fauna! Fauna has just recently graduated from McMaster University with a degree in Mathematics and Statistics with a minor in Economics. Outside of school and camp, Fauna is studying to become a Personal Training Specialist in order to help people reach their fitness goals. She also loves to run, hang out in her hammock and plan as many trips as possible in Algonquin and the Muskokas. While at camp Fauna loves to have fun down at the waterfront - specifically canoeing! During the time Fauna has spent at camp she has learned the value in not being afraid to push your comfort zone. Camp has taught her, the most incredible experiences and opportunities can come from moments of uncertainty. Fauna echoes what Lemony Snicket once said: “if we wait until we’re ready, we’ll be waiting for the rest of our lives” and believes camp has allowed her to not fear the uncertainty of life but to embrace it! This summer Fauna is incredibly excited to play a role in the leadership growth of the incredible young leaders that make up the LEAP program!


Andrew "Freebo" Johnston

he/him | Program Staff

Meet Freebo! During his time apart from camp, Freebo is studying to obtain a bachelor’s degree in drama from the University of Windsor. This year Freebo plans to work as the Front House Manager for the University Players theatre company. Additionally, he volunteers his time as a social media advisor for non-profit organizations such as LEI (Literacy and Evangelism International). Freebo has a strong appreciation for Cairn’s community and values its ability to be so tight-knit, yet remain accepting. He believes that even when we can't meet together at camp the place, camp the community still feels as strong as ever. It is through this community that Freebo has developed vital facilitation and team-oriented planning skills that carry over into his academic and work life. In his role as a Cabin Leader, Freebo is looking forward to creating a safe environment for connections to form and memorable experiences to be shared!


Sarah "Meret" Roberts

she/her | Program Staff

Meet Meret! During the year Meret worked as a supply teacher in addition to working as a Christian Education Coordinator at Armour Heights Presbyterian Church in Toronto. In Meret’s free time, she loves to cook, bake, and knit sharing the products of her talents with those around her! When at camp Meret enjoys all things musical. With Campfire having always been her favourite part of a camp day it is no surprise that she loves leading songs and skits, as well as listening to the beautiful harmonies while in the audience. The most valuable lesson camp has taught Meret is to look up and see others' needs before acting. Camp has taught her how to look outside herself and make decisions based on what is best for the community. As a result, Meret believes camp has made her a more caring, selfless, and thoughtful person. This summer Meret cannot wait to foster connections with all the Camp, Camp Wherever You May  Be campers!


Katie "Royaz" Simmons

she/her | Program Staff

Meet Royaz! When Royaz is away from camp, she goes to Lakehead University in Thunder Bay for a double degree in Outdoor recreation, parks and tourism and Education. She spends her free time learning new skills (such as learning to play the guitar and ASL), watching Netflix, and exploring the outdoor spaces around her. Royaz makes the decision to come back to Cairn year after year because of the community it holds so dear. She believes Cairn’s community is unlike any other she has experienced and is one she immediately felt a part of. After attending camp as an Outdoor Education camper for only 3 days Royaz was immediately asking her parents to go back in the Summer! Royaz’s experiences at camp have taught her the value of being open to trying new things and because of camp she has almost conquered my fear of heights, is working to become a lifeguard, and has discovered a degree program she loves! This summer Royaz is looking forward to spending time with PeeWee campers and coming up with exciting online programing!


Josh "Theoris" Sankarlal

he/him | Program Staff

Meet Theoris! In his time away from camp Theoris studies Game Development and serves his school community as the President of his program’s student organization. In his spare time Theoris enjoys working on developing his photography skills and has a number of other hobbies that keep him busy! Theoris is drawn back to camp year after year because of the community that makes camp, camp. The bonds he has made, and continues to make through camp are strong and greatly valued by him. Theoris enjoys catching up with campers from previous years and reminiscing on summers past just as much as he loves creating new memories. Something that Theoris really values that camp has taught him, is to be authentic in who I am, and to treat positions of leadership with a very high level of responsibility and accountability. This summer Theoris is excited to plan and implement exciting and innovative programs for Cairn Campers!


Erin "Tiko" Anderson

she/her | Program Staff

Meet Tiko! When Tiko is not working for camp she spends most of her time balancing academic and athletic pursuits. Tiko is entering her second year at McMaster University, studying Kinesiology, and represents the universities varsity swim team. In between school, work, and athletic commitments Tiko also enjoys playing the piano. When at camp Tiko loves hanging out in the water, whether it be canoeing, kayaking, or swimming! Tiko believes her experiences at Cairn have taught her the value of having courage and taking a step outside your comfort zone. This summer Tiko is excited to create meaningful and engaging experiences for all the Camp, Camp Wherever You May Be Campes she gets to interact with!


Bronwen "Zula" Lever

she/her | LEAP Coordinator and Program Staff

Meet Zula! When not at camp Zula attends the University of Guelph studying Applied Science: Child, Youth, and Family studies. In her spare time, she likes to sing, play the guitar, and spend time outside with friends! When at camp Zula’s favourite place to spend time is the waterfront. She also loves the people and the energy that make up Cairn’s camp community. That is why Zula is happy to still get to experience these important aspects of Cairn through Camp, Camp Wherever You May Be and LEAP! Through camp, Zula believes she has learned that the subtext of all your actions should be love. To her, this means, behind everything you do you should be thinking about spreading love towards others and yourself. Zula is so excited to share what camp means to her with all of this summer's campers and witness the growth of the LEAP participants!


Mitchell "Rapid" Miron

he/him | Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Meet Rapid! During the camp off-season, Rapid attends the University of Toronto,  studying Environmental Geography. In addition, Rapid stays busy representing the university on their track and cross country teams. Aside from school and running, Rapid enjoys spending time with friends and exploring the outdoors! His favourite part of camp is getting the opportunity to go on canoe trips, although it is the camp community that brings him back summer after summer. Rapid believes camp has taught him the value of showing gratitude for others and the impact going the extra mile can have. This summer Rapid cannot wait to share what Cairn means to him with a wider audience in an effort to continue to grow our wonderful Cain community!


Corey "Kinniq" Gargano

he/him | Assistant Director

Meet Kinniq! When not serving at camp, Kinniq studies at the University of Ottawa where he will be entering his second year in the Teacher Education program this fall. Sport and physical activity have also been and continue to be a large part of his life – namely through golf in the summer, hockey, intramurals, and working out. In the past year, instructed mostly by YouTube, (and with social distancing acting as somewhat of a catalyst) he has taken a bigger interest in cooking and has been experimenting with new recipes to share with others. Kinniq loves to be thinking about, and processing cool ideas people share and you can often find him listening to a podcast or watching a TED Talk.  

While at camp, if Kinniq had his pick of what he could get up to, it would be a good old game of kickball; because few things beat the competition and energy it brings. When asked about the most valuable lesson he has learned from camp, Kinniq shared “the significance and impact that is felt and experienced by people at camp lies in the seemingly small, yet incredibly powerful moments and interactions that happen each day. These minute things can be easy to overlook with everything that goes on in a camp day, week, or summer but if you stop to pause and reflect to acknowledge them, they are a source of joy and fulfillment.” 


Meet the Cairn Virtual Programs Staff